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Karl Marx

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Karl Marx described two classes that will become dominant in modern capitalism, which are the Bourgeois and Proletarians. The Bourgeoisie is what today would be called the managers or the boss. They are the ones that have the control of the means of production and control the wages of their laborers. The Bourgeois made their living in the industrialized capitalist economy was by exploiting the workers they hired to work for them. The Bourgeoisie hired many workers who needed the money to survive and would do anything to get the money. Since the Bourgeois had a control on the law system as in the government at the time, trying to stop the exploitation was difficult. So while the workers were working for the Bourgeoisie and made a lot of money, in return the workers get very little for what they worked for. The Bourgeoisie created big cities to have the country to be dependent on it. Having the country dependent on the cities, it resulted more money. Bourgeoisie did not stay in one place, they all scattered around to create more productive force.

The Proletarians are the workers that were mentioned above. They must "sell" their ability to work to earn an income. The Proletarian class is the working class and they do not have any means of production. They do not own anything unlike the Bourgeois. Proletarian existed when the bourgeoisie exploited them. The Proletarians made their living by working for the Bourgeoisie. In time, they grew in numbers because of the developments of industries at the time. There was a need for more and more workers. Along with numbers of workers, the workers became closer and closer together. The closeness brought upon a bond between them to become a Trades' Unions together to fight against the Bourgeoisie to have a better wage.

7) Describe three trends that Marx and Engels claim will lead to the fall of industrial capitalism. Who will be the dominant class after this predicted revolution?

The three trends that Marx and Engels claim that will lead to



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