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The Secret Lives Of Jack Wilson

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Essay Preview: The Secret Lives Of Jack Wilson

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The Secret Lives of Sergeant Jack Wilson

Journal #2

The character John Wilson is portrayed in the beginning as an honest man trying to make a better life for his family back home in Scotland. As the story unfolds we learn that jack's intentions are not what were originally portrayed. My opinion of jack Wilson started out as "just a man trying to better his family in a new world" but shortly after was challenged. Jack starts life out in Canada pretty rough, he can't find good work and the climate is hard on his lungs. In an attempt to get back home he applies for the army but is turned down because of his lung condition with a little luck he lands a good job with the RNWMP. John meets a 16 year old girl, Jessie Patterson, who he immediately takes an interest in. all the while jack still has a wife and 2 children back home. This is the turning point from an honest man for him. Jack's feelings toward Jessie turn serious and shortly after a rumor that the Mountie in fact is still married appears. When confronted about this by Jessie's father he replies pg 30 "I was married, but my wife died after I left the old country" jack lies to cover up his marital status and this changes my opinion of jack from an honest man to a liar.

We find out that jack's continual lung problem has evolved into tuberculosis. Pg 32 "I'm sorry to tell you jack but you have TB" jack becomes so sick that he can no longer take care of himself and relies on Jessie and her family take him in. Jessie cares for jack for all of winter until he slowly regains his strength. He doesn't repay them for the care they provided even though he put their whole family at risk of catching tuberculosis. He used Jessie and her family.

Jack's letters home to his wife Polly slowly reduce from once a week to a



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