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Comparison Of Domestic Polocies Of Roosevelt, Taft, And Wilson

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Essay Preview: Comparison Of Domestic Polocies Of Roosevelt, Taft, And Wilson

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The Comparative Essay of Domestic Issues of Presidents

Wilson, Roosevelt, & Taft

The presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson, where all glorious and defined in their own manner, but varied in other respects. All of these presidents were accomplished and served their country well, but why then is it that historians generally view Roosevelt more favorably than Taft and Wilson. That is the question that we wish to determine the rationale for, and to see if these historian's ascertains are valid, and why it is they revere Roosevelt above the others.

Seemingly, all these men where great presidents, they led the country through tumultuous times and through grave impedances. Yet they did not all posses the same characteristics to lead and demonstrate that the country so desperately desired, the people where looking for a hero, a national stalwart champion. Fittingly, Roosevelt's prowess was exactly that, the ability to lead. He was a man of sound and progressive reform, but he had the ability, charisma, and forcefulness to enable his legislation. Though he sometimes superceded the powers granted him in the constitution, he was a forward man, always leading the way.

Following up the presidency of Roosevelt was William Howard Taft, the hand chosen successor of Roosevelt. Taft was a close ally of Roosevelt, and both maintained a conviction to reform of similar issues, but we say in Taft, a more timid and conservative man than Roosevelt. Where Roosevelt had been at the least forceful, Taft may have been firm, Roosevelt adamant, and Taft possibly upset. Though Taft contained the capacity and ideals for a bright future for America, he was too meek. He never had quite the bullworth<sic> to bring about all the ideas he imagined. Oddly enough, on the basis of comprehensive accomplishments,



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