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Jacks In The Box

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Pericles' Ideology of Democratic Society.

Democracy of today can be traced back to the Funeral Oration speech of Pericles'. We can outline the ideology behind democracy from his speech. Democracy is now the largest form of government to exist in today's society. There are two forms of democracy's that exist: Representational which is used by the United States, and Direct which allows the people to get involved and was used by the Greeks. So its said that Athenian democracy are more democratic than ours. Some even say that Pericles' speech is the foundation of democratic society.

The speech of Pericles' was not only a tribute to those who died in battle but it was also a contrast between the warring powers of Athens and Sparta, recorded by the historian Thucydides. In Athens society it was custom for someone of the community to give an acclamation speech for those who died in war. Pericles' was chosen and gave a spectacular speech which sounds a lot like the speeches we hear today from other leaders of a democratic government. Pericles' speaks about the special qualities and characteristics of the Athenians, and the faults of the Spartans.

The theme of the speech is the thought that the Athenians were able to put aside what they want and strive for the greater good of the city. They are brought together by their mutual trust and a shared desire for freedom. Athenians submit to the laws and obey the public officials not because they have to, but because they want to. Athenians had achieved something unique ,being both ruled and rulers at one and the same time. This helped to create a new type of civilian. Athenians were able to adapt to any situation and rise to any challenge.

Athenian law was not all written in books, based on peoples judgment the laws were administered on the guilty. According to Pericles' "Our Constitution does not copy the



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