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The Partner

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Dear John Grisham,

Your book, The Partner, was very enjoyable to read. It made me wonder a lot about how Patrick and his lawyer, Sandy McDermott, came up with such a scheme and it also made me feel shocked.

Your story affected me emotionally. Many times throughout the book I felt shocked by the events that were unraveling. It was very shocking when Patrick had been caught. On the other hand it was very clever of Sandy to think of moving the money into different banks located around the world in order to avoid F.B.I interference. I was also blown away to find out that Pat and Sandy had this planned for numerous years. It was interesting to see how quickly Sandy changed her name and fled from Brazil when she heard news of Patrick's capture. These events caught me off guard and surprised me as the story progressed.

I had a few things in common with the main character, Patrick. When he was captured and electrically shocked he revealed information about the $90 million he stole. If I were in Patrick's situation it would also take a near death experience for me to confess what I had been hiding. Patrick planned everything for his worst possible outcome; his capture. Whenever I am in a bad situation I also prepare for the worst possible ending. As I went more in depth of the book, I realized how much I was really related to Patrick.

At the end of the book I was left with a couple of questions. The first question was, "How long had Patrick and Sandy planned for the day when Patrick would be captured?" They had everything planned so that even if the worst possible event occurred they would still be covered and be able to follow through with the original plan. Another question I had after finishing the book was, "Why would Patrick take the money and fake his death even though he just beginning his fame as a lawyer?" It was said that Patrick was the next big



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