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Human Resources As A Strategic Business Partner

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Essay Preview: Human Resources As A Strategic Business Partner

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There are many different elements that determine how successful a company or organization is or will become. In today’s competitive business arena, businesses are continuously trying to gain the upper hand and become the best company in their respective markets. Organizations have become increasingly aware over the past few years of how Human Resources could help them become a more effective and efficient organization. As with most businesses, the focus is almost always on he bottom line; how much money are we making and how much money are we spending, and what will be the best measure to take to improve or maintain our current position. Certain elements of a successful business include having the right personnel to do the job required, having the ability and resources to properly train personnel, and ensuring that the company’s business strategy remains the focal point to ensure that all activities conducted by employees are in line with the company’s mission. Human Resource departments are vital to the success of businesses that have a sound business plan, and specific goals they need to accomplish. Human Resource personnel have to be very in-tuned with the overall business plan of the company in order for it to be a quantifiable strategic partner. During this brief paper, I will discuss some key elements and specific tasks a Human Resource department can accomplish for a company. I will discuss specific tasks that can be conducted by Human Resource that show that HR is a valuable and necessary strategic business partner.



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