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The New Generation of Vaccines

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The New Generation Of Vaccines

The nanopatch is a new kind of medical device invented by biomedical engineer Mark Kendall. It is a needle-free device that does the same as a traditional needle and syringe but is pain-free. The nanopatch is a revolutionary device that will help end the cold chain.

According to the article “Fear of Needles? There’s New Tech On The Way”, it states that the nanopatch will “ lower mortality rates from tuberculosis, malaria, HPV and other infectious diseases-which account for millions of deaths every year-and to help eradicate others, such as polio.” This means that the nanopatch could help terminate some diseases that have caused millions of people to die. The nanopatch also does not require refrigeration unlike the needle and syringe which requires a liquid vaccine that has to be kept at a certain temperature. According to the article “Fear of Needles? There’s New Tech on The Way”, “...The nanopatch is embedded with thousands of tiny spikes that are dry coated with vaccine. That’s a boom in undeveloped regions lacking the electricity to keep medications cold.” This will allow more regions to be able to treat patients without having to refrigerate the vaccine so that more people can receive the treatment. The Nanopatch also requires about 1/10 the amount of vaccine needed for the needle and syringe. This helps lower the cost of the treatment so that the treatments are more affordable.

According to the Ted Talk Video, Mark Kendall explains that the needle and syringe causes 20% of the population to have needle phobia. Needle phobia doesn’t just cause the people to be scared of needles, but it makes them to not take the vaccine at all. This will create a higher chance of someone getting the disease while it could have been avoided. According to Kendall, from the TED Talks VIdeo, the nanopatch



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