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A Generation At Risk

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A Generation at Risk

"A generation at risk", an essay by James Baker and Al Gore predominately talks about how much violence a single teenager comes across on a day to day basis. From music and movies to video games, each day teenagers all around the world are being deeply influenced by their favorite band or cult hero. With these influences from music, movies, and video games, Baker and Gore both believe that with songs from GN'R or movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street are greatly influencing teenagers of our generation ultimately leading them to imitate the Hollywood idols. With some teenagers easily persuaded this can be a problem on the rise.

One of the statistics that Baker and Gore us is that "10 year olds often feel pressured to try alcohol or crack". I personally disagree with the statement Baker and Gore use in their article; Having a brother that is fourteen and multiple cousins ten years old or just around that age, I can say not a single one of them are tempted to drink alcohol let alone try crack. I can personally vouch for them and say they do not even know what crack is. I do not believe this statement used by Baker and Gore is reliable.

Another statement Baker and Gore used is the influence for slasher films such as Friday the Thirteenth and Nightmare on Elm Street as an effect on teenagers. Both of which the main characters in the films are completely fictional. Which the viewers are aware of. I personally do not think these films or these types of films have any influence on the average teenager.

Also, Baker and Gore try to prove the point that violence in movies as well as music violence plays a role in the way the teenager thinks. The essay states that "81 percent of the victims of violent crimes are pre-teens and teenagers, 19 or younger". This is the first time teenagers have topped adults in the percentage of serious



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