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The Millennial Generation

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Lord William DS. Pineda                                                                                       XI-Rutherford


        The millennial generation, just who are they? What are their capabilities? What can they do? How do they act? These are the questions win which the answers can define who these millennials are considered to be.

        The millennial generation, first of all, is the generation of the modern day. This generation was born in the late 20th century up until the early 21st century. This generation has many differences which set them apart from the earlier generations; let us look at these differences to understand them better. First, the millennials, most notably, are born with the aid of technology and are commonly oriented to social media like facebook, twitter, and the likes. This is the most noticeable difference of the millennial generations from the other ones; they are already experiencing technology and can easily understand it. For example in an everyday scenario, when a student is searching for answers to his or her homework, a person from the earlier generation usually will use a book to answer the questions, but one from the millennials, will use the internet to find the answer at the push of a button. The technology that the millennials are very capable of using makes their lives easier. But that doesn’t mean that it solves all of their problems.

        Some of the problems of this generation continuously worsen because of their early exposure to technology. I know that technology helps this generation make their life easy, but all this help, of course, has a consequence. Although the millennials are more skilled or used in using technology, this course of action has led them to become dependent to technology. Unlike earlier generations, which relied on the methods which did not use technology (like writing instead of printing) as technology was not available to them yet, the millennials’ habit of using technology often makes them dependent to it. For example, a few of the students in this generation use writing instead of printing, basically because it is much easier to print than to write. Technology also has a noticeable effect not only in the reliance to this of the new generation, but towards their attitude as well. As they are dependent on technology to make their lives a breeze, these people also become quite lazy, because they rely on technology to make their work easier, they are unable to do tasks effectively without technology on their side.



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