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The Meaning of Social Responsibility

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Essay Preview: The Meaning of Social Responsibility

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The meaning of social responsibility is doing something that benefits your community. Doing something for the better of others not for your own good. People need to learn the true meaning of social responsibility and not only think about themselves. This idea is a big part of our community and helps it run smoothly.

A great way to be socially responsible is volunteering. Even doing the minimum amount of volunteer work is great. One thing you could do is volunteer at the animal shelter and help the animals there. Other places you could volunteer at are places like a homeless shelter, school, or even coach a local sport team. All of these are great examples of social responsibility. I used to referee for a local soccer league and I had lots of fun doing it. Most volunteer work is actually fun because you get to socialize and help the community.

Another spectacular way of contributing to your community is by fundraising. Our community is always in need of money in order to improve our environment. Even fundraising for your school is a great way of being socially responsible. Fundraisers are good because they are always for a good cause. Fundraisers always make you feel good because you are giving back to those in need. Plus it is great to take part in an event like this where there is a good vibe and everyone is helping each other. My club team always has a car wash to try and raise money for new equipment.

Some people might argue that social responsibility is not necessary. People think this because they think other people will do the work for them. In reality they are wrong because the community are always in need of more people to volunteer and help. These people are usually lazy and unfriendly people who want others to do the work for them. Some people believe they should be paid for volunteering which is incorrect of thinking that way. There is no reason to get paid for doing something out of your own good. We should probably do more



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