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Ethics And Social Responsibilities Paper

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Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues

Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues

Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues

There are many differences in ethical, legal, and regulatory between B2B and B2C. But there are also a lot of differences in these areas between products within B2B and B2C as well. Strict government regulations are necessary to make companies behave ethically because if the government does not step in companies would not have to adhere to ethics and they may behave inappropriately. The government's responsibility is to ensure that companies do not behave in manners of unethical and inappropriate behavior. The stricter the penalties for misconduct the more the companies adhere to the policies. An ethics policy should look at the bigger picture of how we relate to society as a whole and what our responsibility is to the greater good. Of course, in these days of downsizing and increasing change, some may argue that these ideals are unrealistic. However, it is important to note that most of the opponents of good ethics are focusing on short-term versus long-term results.

The regulations in doing global business in the future will need to fit multilateral arrangement between countries all around the world. This will expand a great opportunity to bridge gaps in the world on the global economic scale. The Internet is a growing and e-commerce is being used more and more each day. This is a continually evolving entity that will live indefinitely. As such, it would be wise to ponder the e business legal and Internet marketing ethical issues of b2b and b2c. Whatever is written and published online will be there forever. Imagine the billions upon billions of text information pages that are and will be stored online forever. There is even a site where you can go to check out archives of other websites and view pages that were created at the beginning of their start-up. Additionally, video, films, movies, and audio in various applications formats are also viewable upon request.

Honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness come into play when talking about internet business transactions. When dealing with ethics in a B2B company and B2C company clients there are usually have



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