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The Matter of Life or Death Guns on Campus Debate

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Essay Preview: The Matter of Life or Death Guns on Campus Debate

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Ja`Nay Green

July 19, 2018

English 111


The Matter of Life or Death Guns on Campus Debate

Virginia Tech University on April 16, 2007 and Sandy Hooks Elementary on December 14, 2012 are two of the most tragic and unforgettable days in history. These two days claimed a total of 61 lives and injured a total of 27 individuals. Due to these massacres a great debate has started on whether or not guns should be allowed on campus while many states and colleges still do not feel guns are needed on campus. Many states like Texas, Mississippi, Colorado, and Arkansas have all passed Bill 13 allowing concealed guns to be allowed on campus. Following the Virginia Tech massacre an organization called the Students For Concealed Carry was founded; this group seeks to raise praise and raise awareness about issues of campus safety and persuade college administration and government legislators to “grant concealed handgun license holders the same rights on college campuses that those licenses currently enjoy in most other unsecured locations.” Students For Concealed Carry`s argument as to why campuses should allow concealed guns is plausible because they provide evidence as to how campuses would be safer and also provide little to no risk for students.

        “Why Our Campuses Are Not Safer without Concealed Handguns” was written by Students For Concealed Carry, which is a national organization founded in 2007 by a bunch of college students, staff, and anyone who supports their cause. The strong title prepares readers for the support of why we should allow concealed carry weapons on campus. SFCC begins by stating why students should not be afraid of guns being allowed on campus. The SFCC provide multiple examples of situations where people are out and guns are allowed, and no one knows about them and yet people still carry on about their everyday life. They go on to address the attack against not allowing guns on campus by citing the essay “More guns on campus would create additional risk for students.” The SFCC tone suggest that they are writing to the opposite minded individuals, those who think guns are awful and should never be allowed on campus for safety reasons and for a peace of mind for all students. The SFCC is making a persuasive argument to try and change minds all over from students, faculty, and legislative members to see how beneficial allowing concealed weapons could be. A simple solution to this would be to hire armed security or to allow all campuses private and public college campuses to be able to allow students and faculty to carry a concealed weapon as long as they have a permit.

Students For Concealed Carry present multiple facts on how allowing concealed weapons on campus is a positive rather than a negative. The SFCC begins the casebook, with stating a 2002 Harvard University study that students who use alcohol will drive under the influence, get in trouble with the police and also use their concealed weapons more for thefts, and accidental shootings. The SFCC present facts against that argument saying armed students have a better chance to protect themselves and that campuses would be safer. Further along in the casebook the SFCC point out that mass shootings should not be the main deciding factor even though it's a major concern as to why concealed carry handguns should be allowed on campus; they go on to state that allowing handguns on campus it would prevent a lot of sexual assaults and robberies as well giving the victim an equal opportunity to protect themselves. The SFCC ends their casebook with their views being to protect the innocent against dangerous criminals stating; “Better armed because we`re armed with knowledge and guns!” (SFCC).

Students For Concealed Carry has very strong opinions as to why guns should be allowed on campus. Similar to Darby Dickerson`s “Students Should Not Be Allowed to Carry Guns on College Campuses.” He presents facts for his cause by starting off with twenty-six states ban concealed weapons while twenty-three allow the campus to decide leaving only Utah the only state that allows guns on campus. He demonstrates the opposing views before addressing his argument on not allowing concealed handguns anywhere on campus. Dickerson`s main argument is that by allowing guns on campus it takes away from student safety and it will also increase crimes on campus instead of reducing it. He then argues that “adding a weapon into the mix can quickly turn a constructive meeting into one filled with fear and intimidation.” Dickerson and SFCC both share a common interest which is the protection of students and staff from dangerous situations. Dickerson presents a more realistic argument by using a calm but straightforward tone and acknowledging all the dangers of guns allowed on campus.

        “There`s a Reason They choose Schools” was written by Timothy Wheeler a retired surgeon and director of doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership. Wheeler argues that colleges and universities need stronger security and protection for its students. wheeler has a strong dissatisfaction for the policies set in place under administration allowing all of these mass shootings to occur. At the beginning of the casebook wheeler addresses his dissatisfaction about the campus gun laws and regulations he mentions the NRA and CDC to back up his argument for public health. later in his article wheeler highlights that if college officials and students had been allowed to conceal carry that school massacres like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, and many others wouldn’t have happened or would have ended with so many deaths. Wheeler has a strong tone and is reaching out to all colleges administration and legislature to address a serious reality with a simple solution which would be to arm students and staff with guns.



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