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Adolf Hitler: Life & Death

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Essay Preview: Adolf Hitler: Life & Death

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                                      Adolf Hitler: Life & Death


               Adolf Hitler lived a very interesting life. He was hated and still is hated for everything he did during World War II. But, there are some reasons for this happening. In Hitler’s life were many different traumatic events that happened when he was growing up. He is known as a bad leader and person but is known more as a dictator. But first, lets go back on the life of Adolf Hitler and see where this hatred this dictatorship started to happen and why.  

              He was born on April 20, 1889 in an inn called Gasthof zum Pommer in a town called Braunua am Inn, Austria. He was fourth of six children of his dad Alois Hitler and his mom Kiara Polzl. All three of his older siblings died when they were kids. Then when he was three, the family moved to Germany. He took interest in war after he found a book about the Franco-Prussian War. As a child, he had a lot of arguments and disagreements with his father because he didn’t follow the school rules or listen to what his father had to say to him or his judging on what he wanted to do in life.


             When Hitler got older, he started taking singing lessons and also started singing in the church choir and took considerations of becoming a priest. Then again the family moved. Then soon later his younger brother died and this affected Hitler a lot and it changed his attitude. Hitler also showed an interest in German Nationalism instead of the Austrian. His father died in 1903 and two years after his death, Hitler’s mother let him drop out of school. He later moved to Vienna and worked as a laborer and a watercolor painter. He also went and applied for a school called Academy of Fine Arts and was denied entrance both of those times. Then he had no more money left so he went and lived in a homeless shelter. It was during this time, that Hitler started feeling Anti-Semitism.


              When World War I started, Hitler applied to serve the German Army. He was allowed in even though he was still a Austrian citizen. He was even wounded at one of the battles and because of this he received the Iron Cross First Class and the Black Wound Badge. He was mad over the war efforts and was surprised when Germany gave up in 1918. Even after the war, Hitler stilled was worked in the military and Hitler also took in many of the Anti-Semitic and nationalist ideas which were said by Anton Drexler (who was the leader of the DAP). Hitler was later invited and joined the DAP and he changed some of the things like the name to Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or the NSDAP for short. He also designed the banner which is where they got their symbol the swastika. Hitler was also known for his influencial speeches.

           On November 8, 1923, Hitler and other had a public meeting of 3,000 people at a large beer hall in Munich. Hitler talked about how the national revolution had begun and that they should have a new government. After a short process the Beer Hall Putsch failed. Hitler was arrested three days later and was given a large amount of money for his release. He went to jail for one year. The Great Depression in Germany gave Hitler a shot. Germans were open to new things, new ideas and new options. Hitler would run against Paul von Hindenburg for president. Hitler came in second. The election made Hitler look like a strong force in German politics. Hindenburg agreed to make Hitler a chancellor. Hitler took advantage of being chancellor and formed a dictatorship. Having full control over both branches of government, Hitler and his political friends tried to take out the rest of the opposition. By the end of June, the other parties just quit and on July 14, 1933, Hitler's and the Nazi’s were the only ones left standing.

           Nazi’s gathered some of Hitler's enemies and they were shot. The day before Hindenburg's died, the cabinet had made a law that took away the office of president and combined made it up of the chancellor. Hitler became Head of State and head of government, and was formally named as leader and chancellor. As head of state, Hitler became supreme commander of the armed forces. He began to prepare for war. Germany left from the League of Nations and Hitler said Germany’s armed forces grew more. Also during Hitler’s rise, he started to round up Jewish people and put them in concentration camps. But it wasn’t just the Jews, others like: communists, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses and trade unionists, among others. Hitler probably never went to the concentration camps and did not speak about the killings.



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