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Life And Death

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What is this Book trying to teach us concerning the topic?

This book is trying to teach us, the readers, that there are five main stages that help us cope with a death of someone close or somebody that is going to die.

The first stage that is mentioned in the book is Denial. Ross tells of how a person just does not want to be with anyone but himself or herself because they don't know why God is choosing them to die at that present time.

The second stage Ms. Ross talks about is Denial. This stage is where the dieing patient just won't admit to themselves or others that it is their time to go and meet their fate.

The third stage is Anger. This is when the dieing patient just hates everyone around them and doesn't want to be bothered about the topic of their death. They just want to be alone with no outside contact.

The fourth stage is Bargaining. Ms. Ross states that the dieing patient asks God as well telling their family and friends that he or she wants to spend just a little more time on Earth.

The last and final stage that Ms. Ross talks about is Acceptance. This stage tops off the whole process of dieing because once you reach this stage, you know that you did all you can do on Earth and you have told your family and friends everything you wanted to tell them before you die.

With these five stages, I learned that you can fully complete the process of death because they can help to live a happy, richer, and fuller life.

What were the most powerful feelings you had in reading this book, and how did the book affect you personally?

The most powerful feelings that I read in the book appealed to me in a very important way because they showed me how to cope with the death of a family member.

One feeling was that I had was in the Special Forms of Communication chapter.

This chapter talked about how to cope with a dieing person who was no longer able to communicate verbally. This is a very powerful message to me because my grandfather who past away just over a year ago this past September had two strokes and was not able to communicate verbally. Ms. Ross talked about how you need to use hand signals and to say things to the dieing person so that they can hear you so that they can nod their head or use hand signals. This is exactly what I had to do when I communicated with my grandfather because he was not able to speak very well and I would say something and he would nod his head. I feel that if I did not use these forms of communication, I would have never been able to communicate with my grandfather.

The other powerful feeling that appealed to me was in the first chapter. The feeling that I had was joy when I read about the last stage of acceptance. If I could never reach this stage, I don't think that I would ever be able to get out of the depression stage because if I was never able to accept my fate, I feel that I would go crazy and just cut myself off from the world and never have communications with any living person again.

This book affected me personally because it changed my whole perspective of how I viewed death. Now that I have learned the five stages of death, I can cope with the dieing patient whether it is one of my family members or one of my close friends. This book showed me how I can go through all of the stages with the dieing patient and how I can help that person go through their long or short process of death.

This book gave me the feeling that I have the power to go through someone's experience with their own death or someone's experience with a friend or family member's death because I now know who a dieing persons mind works just from reading as well as understanding this book.

Would you recommend this book to someone who recently experienced a death?

I would definitely recommend this book to a person who just experienced a death because this book gives the concrete examples, suggestions, and evidence that helps the human mind go through the process that the human mind goes through after a death. Ms. Ross talks about the reactions a person may have or even what people should do after a death occurs. Ross also gives questions in the book and she answers them so that that the reader can get a good idea of what she is trying to express. Also, when I recommend this book, I would also mention that Ms. Ross has interviewed dieing people and observed them over an extended period of time. This fact may show the new reader of the book the she knows what she is talking about and she can really make an impact on that persons life because she can change a persons perspective of death just as she has done to me.

What did you



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