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The Man In The Case

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My question is, with the bachelor Belikov and the tall Ukrainian peach, why do friends and family believe it is crucial that they marry? The way they discuss the matchmaking of the two new acquaintances it is like they are pairing together a fork and a knife because they will look good on the table. Also, where did this idea of marriage come from? She, a tall redheaded songbird, and he, a small, fearful hobbit, and the two can never be more different. Belikov himself does not seem cut out for marriage, of any kind. He does not have the courage. He finds this lady beautiful and her voice "reminiscent of ancient Greek" and she, as it says, will marry anyone, because she is getting older and is sick of living with her brother... however, it should be common knowledge that even if the pieces fit, even if they really are meant for one another, these aging opposites, friends and family have no right to push them forwards. Eventually, once pushed, they grow closer out of proximity; however, I am especially offended because they were urged without permission! "Suggestion is all-powerful," Burkin recalls, and eventually Belikov does indeed lose his head.

However, it was still not right, and everyone realizes such too late. Instead of looking forwards to matrimony and a heavenly future, Belikov grows pale and more reclusive than ever, losing sleep over envisioned problems, until at last he begins to even doubt his own beloved and himself. My theory is that people whom encouraged this knew exactly it would happen, and yet ignored it for their own amusement. Many girls in this story were recalled getting married simply for the sake of getting married; why not Belikov?

It is said that happiness cannot be derived from the discomfort of others, but it is not necessarily happiness that appeases the monotony of their country life.

When he brings up the issue with her brother, he promptly pushes him down the stairs,



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