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The Orign Of Man

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The origin of man has been the question that many people today have pondered over for years. After pondering man and scientist have came up with a theory that has man questioning the only explanation given since the beginning of the questions concerning the origin of man. The creation states that man was created from a superior being in which Christians called "GOD". Some believe and others do not believe in the creation. What do the non-believers believe? The theory of Evolution and from this theory come the "Big Bang Theory". This is a scientific approach of explaining the origin of man base on what scientist call facts. I still believe today that Creation is the true explanation for the origin of man.

Lets start with the theory of Evolution argue by Darwin first ever published book on the Theory of Evolution in his controversial book "The Origin of Species," in 1859. In Darwin book it states in argument of Evolution that some form of stimuli bacteria was one single living organism that evolve to what we are today decendents of Apes and Monkeys. While Creation states that an intelligent being designed each living organism call "man". Bacteria are not a form of intelligence in my opinion. Intelligence has the ability to chose, to make decisions and create. The one thing that is common in both theories that both species can multiply, however one chooses (creation) and the other does not (bacteria). In the behalf of Science bacteria does evolve and so does man. Bacteria and Man are two different species. However, man was made from dust according to Genesis the second chapter and the six and seventh verse in the Bible. That dust mentioned in the verses of Genesis was molded into clay could have had some good bacteria in it but, that does not make man a bacterial species and does not make us genetically related. The Theory of Evolution is a stretch of the imagination for me.

The Creation is based on Genesis 1:1 in the bible states that "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." And the origin of man Genesis 2:7 states that "God formed man of the dust of the ground and breath into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul." The two verses are reasonable explanations where the evolution theory is a stretch of a good imagination. The bible is not a theory and it has proof through history, archeological findings and factual



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