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The Last King

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For are second book report I read “The Last King” by Michael Curtis Ford it’s about Mithridates Eupator the king of Pontus a small kingdom in the black sea the book is told from the view of his second son who wish to follow his father and become a general unlike his older brother. The book starts off with Pontus being controlled by Mithridates mother but as soon as he receives control of the country he send her off to a fortress far away from him for her “safety “. Mithridates Hates Rome so he decides to start up an army which he recruits mercenaries and Greeks. He use mercenaries to make up the infantry and Greeks to make up the heavy infantry mainly because the can use the phalanx formation. This is like a wall of shields and spears which is almost impossible to stop. He also was the first general to have use chariots with scythe on the wheels to destroy phalanx. When he first uses them on one of his allies who betray him they completely destroy his old allies’ army. Soon he takes over most of Asia but now he has gotten Rome’s attention and he decides he needs a navy which he employs all the pirates in the black sea and they do what he says but he pays them and gives them safe cover. The Romans have a civil war back in Rome between the two biggest families and the losing family has there best general sent to deal with Mithridates. After a few minor skirmishes they finally meet in a major battle and unfortunately for Mithridates the Romans man handles them. The Romans barley lost any and Mithridates lost over three fourth of his army. Mithridates gets beat a few times in this book but every time he comes back harder then ever. What I thought was interesting is how Mithridates finally decide to recruit all the roman exiles he could find and make his on roman legions since he thought that was the only way to beat the Romans. Since they did have the best infantry in the world he had the best archers and Calvary In the world so he the best of all three worlds. But finally he gets injured multiple times he has a javelin take off half of his jaw and get his leg messed up with a sword through it. He also to help build resistance to poison he drink a mixture of poison and there antidotes everyday it was said in the book he could take enough lead in him to kill a horse and he wouldn’t even feel it. I enjoyed this book very much its interesting to have the perception of the son instead of Mithridates. Even though later on the son takes over after he overthrows his father which



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