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The Lady or the Tiger

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Liam Dabagian

Mrs. Wolstenholme

Section 4

September 14, 2015

The Lady or the Tiger

The princess's lover is faced with a tough choice either left or right. She gave him a small gesture with her right hand and was signaling him to choose the right door. He didn’t know what to do when this dire moment came so he closed his eyes and did what he thought was best. He went with the right door because he knew somewhere in mind that things would turn out the way he wanted them too because he was always doing the right thing. He was also worried this this decision because he never really knew if the princess truly loved him and if she told him to pick the right door and she didn’t love him she would want him to die which would be the tiger but if she did it would be the lady. So he did what his conscience said to do and went with her decision because he thought she loved him and wanted him to live happy. But he was wrong because when that big iron door opened out popped an even bigger tiger and his face became florid.

He looked at the tiger and couldn’t believe what was happening, all this time he thought that the princess truly loved him but he was wronged. He had no time to think about his love life because if he wanted to survive he needed to run. He started to run from the tiger but he could only run for so long so he stopped and gave up hope and when the tiger was about to pounce all over the poor peasant he spotted something and the thing that caught the tigers eye was giant plate of meats right next to the king's side. The tiger was looking at these meats and left the man to sit with an exuberant expression on his face. The tiger started to walk closer to the king and began to sniff the spicy meats. As the tiger got closer and closer to the king the more worried the king became because he thought this is revenge for all of the bad things he has done to people and not the meats. The tiger eventually went away to the



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