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The Lady, Or The Tiger?

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The Lady, or The Tiger?

In "The Lady, or the Tiger?" I believe the tiger came out because MOST of the people I know are selfish, stubborn or stingy. I think the man got torn to pieces.

One of the reasons I think the tiger came out is because the princess is semi-barbaric.(Paragraph 9) . In fact, it seems to me like she wouldn't mind if her loved ones got torn apart by a tiger and eaten. Another reason is the princess was jealous because the lady was kind, thoughtful, full of laughter and fair.(paragraph 14). As we have read, the man had been seen with that lady in the past having a conversation, although the princess didn't know what they were talking about, as a result, jealousy finally took her over.

There's someone I know that acts kind, generous, and loving in front of people but when someone asks something from her, she's selfish, greedy, and stubborn. If you don't give her what she wants, she'll hold a grudge against you until she needs something from you. Another example from my life is, a person whom I know that acts her best towards me and will be nice and caring until I do one thing wrong, than she'll hate me, and she probably wouldn't have any concern if I were dead or alive. She wouldn't forgive me.

As mentioned earlier, in "The Lady, or the Tiger?" I believe the hungry tiger came out and tore the man apart and immediately started feeding on him while the semi-barbaric princess sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the show.



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