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The Lady & The Tiger

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The Lady & the Tiger

When the story "The Lady or the Tiger" ended, I was left sitting, trying to figure out what happened, what came out of the door he opened, and what I would have done in that same situation. And then, when asked to write a response to this, I was forced to think even more, because now, not only did I have to figure it out, I had to put it in words and submit it to my English teacher.

I think that the princess probably would have let her lover die. One soul or not, I don't think she wanted anyone else to have him if she couldn't have him for herself. Also, I say this because the princess loathed and despised the woman behind one of the doors, the woman who, if selected, would marry the man she was in love with. And love, as we know, is strong...but, the desire to obtain is stronger, hence I feel that if the princess was presented with the decision to kill her lover and never have him to herself, or to let him live with someone she hated, and have him to herself, I think she would have gone with the death.

I also feel this way because the princess is the daughter of a power-hungry tyrant king, who is apparently only semi barbaric, and is used to getting what she wants when she wants it...she's the apple of the King's eye, and he'd do anything for her. From what I understood and interpreted from the story, she'd figure that if she couldn't have the man she loved, then no one else deserved him either!

I figure that she would have known that either way he went, the tiger or the woman, she'd lost him point in keeping him around if she couldn't have him, and he would be married to some other woman. Even if she could over-throw the marriage with her royal power, her father would



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