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The Jackson County Robbery

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The Jackson County Robbery

On June 20, 2009 at the Jackson sheriff deputy office, Justin Scott had gone down to check his cows. As he was getting them corn from the mill he found a business card. It was not from around Jackson county. That is not what Mr. Scott was curious about, it was the name on it. The name on it was from one of the drug lords from Cuba. He had took the card back to the station to show the chief of the sheriff department Mr.robert. Mr.robert knew shortly what was going to have to happen after their station was in risk now. It doesn’t take very long for the the word to get around in the small town of Hogstone California. Soon the chief had the town’s priest knocking on his door. Mr.Scott and Mr.Luck had tried tell the priest to not go into the chief’s office. Father Jose wouldn’t have it, he was wondering what all the fussing was about. Chief would not tell Jose what was going on. Jose had demanded to know why the town’s people are losing their minds. Mr.robert had far lost his temper and was yelling at father Jose to leave his office immediately. Jose was refusing and demanded to know.

Jose said, “ I have just as much right to know what is going on in this town as much as anyone else.”

Mr.robert’s yelled out to his deputy’s on hand to have father Jose escorted out of the station. Mr. roberts had shut his door and was walking back to his desk. He found a sticky note that had the name fathers Jose’s church on the top, written on the sticky note there was a name. Trevor Wolf he was one of the drug lords hit man. There was an arrest made on route 84th south from a bus full of cocaine. That bus was impounded about three weeks ago. It was out back, under lock down. This may be a huge break in the case to catch the Cuban drug lord. Father Jose is the Cuban drug lord.(Dramatic irony) The chief needed the priest to come back to the office to be questioned.

The chief told Jose, “ Please sit down, I need to ask you some questions.”

Jose said, “Okay, but I don’t know what this is about.”

The chief said to Jose, “ If you don’t know what this is about then how do you explain this note that was left on my desk?”

“That note is not mine.”, Jose said.

The chief said, “I have heard a lot of things, but my friend that is one of the things I have heard so many times it’s not even funny. We already know about you and Trevor Wolf. We found him, arrested him, and brought him in for questioning. He told us everything, so now you need to start talking and telling us what is going on.”

Jose finally came clean about everything and was taken into custody. They also found out who he really was and where Trevor wolf was located. The station just got a call over the scanner for a high speed chase including a blue 1500 chevy silverado pick up truck. There was said to be five armed suspects inside the vehicle and a black mercedes following closing behind. They didn’t know how many people were in the mercedes.

Meanwhile at a hotel in Jackson county the chase came on over the news. The manager of the hotel realized that those two exact cars had rented out two rooms. He called the sheriff’s department to let them know that the nine suspects the are looking for had been staying at the hotel. The police went to the hotel where the manager gave them the keys to the rooms of the suspects. They went to the rooms, knocked on the doors, and when no one answered, they entered into the room. In the room they found guns, drugs, and a blueprint of the police station. Next to the blueprints was a notebook filled with plans on how to rob the police station.(Situational Irony) The police left the scene with just photos of evidence.

The sheriff's decided to stay behind and stake out the hotel until the suspects came back. They waited the whole night and the suspects never showed. The next morning they decided to go



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