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Ms. Jackson

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Ms. Jackson

Growing up there was many things I wanted to be when I got older. A fashion designer, teacher, nurse, lawyer, and even a make-up artist. Only one thing really stuck with me as I got older, and that was becoming a nurse. Ms. Morris is someone who I look up to because she has her degree in nursing and is also in school studying computers. She is a single mother of an 8 year old boy and still manages to go to school and work at an Internal Medicine Clinic. She is also a Christian, and being that I am too, her faith is another reason why I look up to her. Ms. Jackson took the time out of her busy schedule to sit down and tell me a little about her life and what she does.

Miranda Faye Jackson was born October 21, 1981 at the Woman's Hospital, to Sarah and John Jackson Sr. She was raised in a small town in Louisiana called, White Castle. She is a 28 year old college graduate and has an 8 year old son named, Norshad. She has two younger sisters, Jade and Maria, and one younger brother, John Jr. She attended White Castle High School in White Castle, Louisiana, a small town that was best known for its high school and many churches. After finishing her 10th grade year at White Castle High she left and went to Christa MaCauliffe Learning Center were she graduated in May of 2001 and got her GED. After graduating she went to Louisiana Technical College in Plaquemine, Louisiana, where she worked on her associate degree to become an LPN. "Why did you want to become an LPN?" was one of the questions I asked. "Becoming a nurse was a childhood dream and I love helping others," she replied.

Ms. Jackson graduated from Louisiana Technical College in July of 2004, with her degree in Nursing. "What is nursing school like?" I asked very curiously. "Nursing school was a challenge but I enjoyed every minute of it. It taught me discipline and how to become the best at what I do by hard work and dedication," she said. She now lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her son, Norshad. She drives a black 2008 impala and lives in a very nice neighborhood where just about everyone who lives there always has a smile on their face when you see them. It has beautiful pink, purple, and yellow flowers around the entrance gate when you drive up to the apartment complex, and there is also a water fountain near the entrance gate. I was a little nervous about going to interview her at her home because I had never been before. When I walked in the house the sweet smell of a blueberry muffin hit my nose as I thought to myself "a blueberry muffin sure does sound delicious right about now." As I looked to the left I noticed a blueberry scented candle centered in the middle of the kitchen table. I also spotted a candle that looked exactly like a blueberry muffin. Ms. Jackson then led me to her black and gold living room, which reminded me of the New Orleans Saints. There were gold drapes in black sheer and a flat screen TV on the wall. I sat on her soft black couch which had small pillows on it to begin my interview. I noticed she had a coffee table in the middle of the floor and on it was a candle holder. Where of course three blueberry scented candles sat. By then I had figured out that Ms. Morris loves the smell



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