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The Impact Of Computers On The Society

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Essay Preview: The Impact Of Computers On The Society

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Computer technology has brought about, many changes in the way we live in this present society, which has affected and reflected not only on the individual itself, but also organizations and society. With the advancing growth in technology since the early computers made in 1946 we have seen a quantum leap in changes made that has affected us both in our present lives and future to come.

In our individual lives, we have seen computers, having a major impact on the way we are able to communicate to each other. In the earlier years, when computer technology was still in infancy, reliance on other forms of communication methods, such as telegraph, post and later on telephone were the only forms used for keeping in touch . Although these forms in their own way were effective, some aspects, for example in (post and telegraph) proved to be sometimes unreliable with time delays in receiving information, or in the case of the telephone, people were not able to see expressions or reactions of the individual they are talking to or some cases were mislead to passing on information to individuals pretending to be persons they wish to talk to. With introduction of network computers connected to phones as well as technology upgrade of telephones to mobile phone used today. We are able to send and receive messages by E-mails via the internet which not only provides easier and quicker method of sending and receiving information also provides with the aid of webcams and multimedia applications the ability to make video calls and video commencing not only on computers but on our mobile phones as well.



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