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Internet Impact On Society

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Alex Villasenor

Ms. DeHart

English III Honors

May 20, 2008

Internet Impact on Society

The internet has influenced, and is still influencing the way society communicates in many different ways. The rise of the internet has caused people to communicate differently in areas never dreamed of before the internet came into existence. Education has been revolutionized through the world of the “Information Super Highway”. Medicine has also seen reform as the internet improves research and communication. Individuals are starting businesses from scratch, while others are selling household items for extra cash. This internet “typhoon” sweeping the globe has become a way of life for many individuals all across the globe.

Education has seen a recent revolution in the way it operates. No longer do students have to tire away through research papers and reference books found in the library. Now information is found at the click of the button and retrievable in less than a second. An example of this recent change can be seen in Rockville, Maryland. Here, C.E.S. Jewish Day school is striving to produce good and productive Americans and future of the Jewish Community.

Four years ago, teachers were slowly introduced to the world of computers. Most teachers were apprehensive, afraid that with an incorrect click, the computer would “explode”. How would the students learn if the teachers were unable to set an example? Here, traditional values had to be set aside, and learning about the new technology had to be embraced by both the students and teachers.

Through the internet, the quality and ability of the students and teachers has become much greater. One example of the use of the internet in their school was on research on Ancient Egypt. The fifth grade class was to use the internet to find information about the Pyramids, Egyptian Gods, Work and Games, Education, Life after Death, Pharos, and other information pertaining to Egypt. The ease of use of the internet allowed for the young students to locate the information with ease. The addition of images and animations also enticed the students and made it an enjoyable experience. Through the internet, a topic that would be otherwise dull and boring to young students became an exciting adventure. The internet can make learning so much more exciting, interesting, engaging, and alive. The internet offers a vast amount of opportunity for schools. More and more we can see the revolution of education happening.

Also, the internet has changed the way students can learn. In recent years, education has jumped from the classroom into online forums and chat rooms. New systems, called Virtual Schools allows students who are unable to attend class in person, or aren’t offered the program in their area to take accredited courses online. Instead of a teacher lecturing, teachers make use of bulletin systems, called forums, to communicate with their students. Students are given assignments, quizzes, and tests online.

Medicine has also undergone reform. Massive collaborations between researchers working on areas as diverse as hereditary neurological diseases and the basic biology of microorganisms is all happening thanks to the Internet. Telemedicine is also allowing medical specialists in Boston to diagnose and treat patients in California. The internet is also has allowed the general public access to information that used to be obtainable through years of study in a college degree program or by visiting a specialist. Today, with the vast amount of knowledge presented on the internet, one can glean thousands of sites answering their questions. As a result, a prospective patient is much more aware of his condition and is able to understand what to expect and how to handle it. Also, people can see how medical problems affect other parts of the world. Take for example, Asia. There are over 130 million people in Asia with Diabetes. China has spearheaded the treatment of diabetes; however, the Western World has been left oblivious to their breakthroughs. Now, with the aid of the internet, the rest of the world can share in their knowledge. Products from China are now being brought over seas so that the rest of the world can benefit. The internet has brought communication to the world of medicine. Now faster then ever, the world is experiencing new breakthroughs, all thanks to the internet.

The internet has also changed the way people communicate in a social setting. The way individuals interact with each other has changed dramatically since the early 90’s when the internet first started growing. Today people are entering chat rooms to find a soul mate, which would be considered silly and repulsive ten years ago. Even if it is not to find a soul mate, people are in and out of chat rooms every day, considering it a priority to do so. The internet has been coined “the savior of these people for it hides the simple traits of age, looks and class” (BBC, pg. 1). Handicapped people have found a way to mask their differences and communicate with non-handicapped people in way that would not be possible in the real world. This anonymity has allowed any individual to enter the internet’s realm and pretend to be someone else if they wished to do so, which can be dangerous in certain situations.

However, the internet also has its cons. Many people today have what doctors call IAD. “Internet Addiction (IAD) was identified two years ago by Dr. Ivan Goldberg, a New York City psychiatrist who coined the term вЂ?Internet Addiction DisorderвЂ™Ð²Ð‚Ñœ (Purdy, pg. 1). This syndrome, whether valid or not, causes individuals to spend less time with their family and friends, and reserve more time for internet activity. In certain circumstances, this can tear up marriages, and ruin relationships with other people. IAD has also contributed to the rise of obesity in the United States.

Another way the internet has negatively affected society is the use of pornography. Pornography has been a killer for many marriages around the United States. Also, researchers have found that pornography “can produce an array of undesirable effects such as rape and sexual coercion” (Anderson, pg. 3). Many young children today, mostly girls, are posting pictures and videos of themselves, because they think



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