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Impact Of Computer

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Before we get into the details of Internet marketing, I wish to clear the minds of the newbies who just arrived, on the meaning of Internet marketing.

Internet marketing in other words known as online marketing or e marketing is a type of market carried out on the Internet type of marketing to tie together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including website design using an approved website builder tool, development, advertising, e-mail marketing, affiliate

marketing, interactive advertising and viral marketing.

To make the above-mentioned methods understandable, I will like to throw more lights on them to enable one know that entire Internet marketing entails.


Is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote by increasing their visibility in the search engine results pages. Search engine marketing provides easy traffic to websites by driving highly targeted visitors to your website. Hence search engine marketing is the effective key to reaching your targeted customers at no extra cost.


Is a method of promoting businesses known as merchants and advertisers. The affiliate or publisher is rewarded a percentage of every sales made through him or for paid for every visitor, subscriber or customer provided through his effort which is promotion of the products or websites.


This an online equivalent of direct mail marketing and is a method of distributing information about a product or service that was just launched. It is used also as a means of soliciting for feedback from customers about a product or service through e-mail. Email marketing has been proven to be successful if the quality of leads are good but may end up costing quite a bit with a lot of time spent



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