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The Great Pyramid, Khufu

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Question 1: Shelter

The Great Pyramid, Khufu was a symbol of homage to the body that dwelled inside. Khufu rises four hundred and eighty one feet above the ground and covers thirteen acres of land. The higher the tomb the better chance they would get to connect their Sun God to the Earth or the afterlife to the living presence. The length of the pyramid was originally set at seven hundred and fifty four feet, however hundreds of years of human and natural damage has left it at seven hundred and fourty five feet. The workers covered the entire outer layer with Turah limestone. Since the Egyptians believed that life was an infinite process they built Khufu pyramid to please the Pharo.. They wanted to make definite that the Pharo's afterlife was as good as he wished, just incase he came back to revenge his unworthy tomb, so they never did a job that was not at least ideal or precise.

In the Middle Ages, in the city of Chartres France when feudalism began to fall and monarchies began to rise workers pulled together to create yet another Gothic Cathedral. They created a mounsterous three hundred and seventy seven feet high, and four hundred and twenty seven feet long church: The Chartres Cathedral. The pointy tips of the monument was to form a sense of direction that allowed people to ultimately see for themselves that it does serve as a divine function. It is cemetrical to create a sense of peace and harmony. The Cathedral did not only stand as a center point for the city, but also a place of worship. The cathedral has been known to hold a relic. The story is that Charles the Bald gave the Sancta Camisa to Charlemagne who then ultimately handed the Virgin Mary's fabric to the Chartres Cathedral. Millions of people from around the world come to devote themselves not only to the fact that it is a church but also because of the peacefulness and jaw dropping, sense intensifying features.

Both of the builders for the Great Pyramids and the Chartres



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