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The Government Policies and After-School Training Institutions

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In China, many parents send their children to extracurricular training agencies. By the year of 2018, the Minister of Education has investigated 401050 training agencies, indicating that there are more than 400,000 agencies in China. Such a result has an inseparable relationship with the policies made by the government. Recently, the Chinese government has adopted some policies about after-school classes, which has promoted the extracurricular training market and gradually led it to the right path with systematization and consummation.

The government policy of encouraging education brings a craze for after-school training. In early 2017, in order to boost the development of artificial intelligence, the State Council encouraged computer-programming education in primary and middle schools. From then on, a great number of parents sent their children to computer programming classes, bringing a surge in extracurricular training market.

Another policy of "academic burden reduction" also promotes the development of extracurricular training market. With the government's lightening the schoolwork burden on primary and middle school students, public schools may reduce the homework assignments and make the tests easier. Therefore, some parents think it is high time they ensured their children provided with extracurricular learning to help them stand out from their peers and eventually gain admission to a good university, which results in the flourish of extracurricular training market. .

In addition, the government’s regulation of after-school classes is guiding the market to develop in a healthy way. In February 2018, the MOE initiated a campaign to rectify after-school institutions providing students with lessons beyond their level or intensive exam-oriented training. Beside rectification, the regulation includes the enhanced supervision. According to the MOE, by Dec 30, nearly 99 percent of the after-school



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