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After School Jobs Good Or Bad

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After School Jobs (Good or Bad)

Waking up at seven o'clock in the morning to get ready for school that starts at eight is already tiring by itself. You go to school for eight hours and get out around three o'clock, just to go home and do a little bit of your homework for an hour. Then two hours later, you have to go to work. This is a typical life of a teen with an after school job. Young people ranging from fourteen to eighteen years of age are frequently staffing after school jobs. Kids are not realizing the effects that it may have on them. After school jobs affect kids with family problems, health issues, and education. Young adults are only in it for the money and not so much to learn from the experience that they can get from working.

In most cases, young adults tend to think that it would be okay to have a job after school. Statistics show that teens should spend approximately two to three hours a day on homework. They go to school for eight hours of the day and at least ninety five percent of all students get homework in most of their classes or material to study for an upcoming test. However, if kids spend the majority of the day at school and work, where is the time for their homework and studying? When they come home from work, depending on the time, young adults are tired, worn out, and really not worried about their homework. Students tend to fall behind on the course work when they do not manage out the time between school and work well enough. When young adults close at work, they will not have time to do their homework, because it will be so late that they have to go to sleep.

After a long day of school and work, teens tend to want to come home and go to sleep. Not realizing, that the whole day they did not have time to spend with their family that day. Family is a big obstacle in life, and not being around them can cause problems that may rise into bigger problems. The young adults may get home at nine or ten at night, which would leave them an hour to their homework, and to get the right amount of sleep in at night. Still where does the time come in for the family? Kids should spend several hours around their family members because that is what makes them grow and be able to learn from them. However, when they have a job after school they are not able to receive that knowledge at home or to spend that time with them.

Many students with after school jobs tend to have lower grades. They often fall asleep in class from being tired and sleepy. Young adults fall asleep also from working to late then having to come home and do their homework. Many students fall asleep while doing their homework. Then they say, " I will do it in school tomorrow," not knowing if they are going to have time to do the homework in school. From experience, I know this is true



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