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The Fish Portuguese Man

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Essay: The fish

There are many different cultures around the world, all with differences, big or small. But what happens when 2 cultures clash against each other? This is what the writer Seamus Galway intents to demonstrate with his short story “The Fish” which revolves around a Portuguese man, a Portuguese boy and a couple from America.

During the short story it is not revealed where the story takes place but since they are speaking Portuguese, and the environment is in the slums, a good guess would be that the story takes place in a Portuguese city. as for the time of the story, it is not directly stated, yet it is mentioned that there is common in the town and they go on organized cruises along the reef as well as the river being dirty and full of waste, which is characteristic for the modern age. Therefore, a good guess would be that the story takes place in the modern age.

Manuel is the main character of the story where the readers receive the story through his thoughts and observations. He is a calm, observant and reflective man who likes to be in his own head and does not like to be disturbed “He tried to make his answer sound final, as though that was the end of the matter. The woman hesitated, perhaps uncertain how to interpret the lack of encouragement in his voice. Manuel observed her confusion.”

Here it is stated that Manuel speaks harshly to the woman but when he addresses the boy it is done with kindness “He treated the boy gently, with consideration.” He also understands the boy’s situation in contrast to the woman.

When Manuel is introduced in the story, he had been out looking for a new apartment because he is living in small apartment where his son of 6 years have to live with his parents in law during the weekdays. “He had just been to look at an apartment and he was considering how he could afford the rent.” The quote also shows that Manuel is between the lower- and working-class societies since he needs to consider how he can afford the rent of the apartment he just visited.

The american woman is a side character in the story yet she holds a great deal of importance in the text. She is wealthy, pompous,



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