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The Heart Of A Fish

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One evening my mother gave birth to me. I grew up and now I am a grown up fish.

We were fishes at a fish shop so there were so many aquariums. When I grew up, the owner isolated me from my family. I was living in an aquarium which is composed of different kinds of fishes.

This is when I learned that I need constant oxygen for me to continuously live. I've made friends and they're good but as time flies, they've been bought by different customers.

Until the time comes that I was the only one that is left behind. I asked myself many times why people don't like to buy me. Maybe I was ugly.

When I left alone inside a big aquarium, I realized that the oxygen I need to continue living had been gone.

After some time, I thought that I would die.

Fortunately, there was a little boy who bought me. He transferred me into a little bowl and supplies me oxygen.

The little boy which is my new owner always feed me so that I won't starve to death. He also cleans my home and do not let me out of oxygen.

I thought that the rest of my life would be happy together with my owner.

One day, I met with another fish in my home. That's when I knew that the little boy bought another fish.

When our owner feeds us, my co home ate all of it. The new fish was very beautiful.

Until the time comes that she bites me every time the boy wasn't there. It is so painful to have so many injuries.

My blood had been leaking and I don't think I could make it. The little boy caught me and when I thought he would save me, he just threw me at the trashcan.




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