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The Effects Of Photosynthesis On A Bean

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The Effects of Photosynthesis on Bean Plants

Purpose: To determine how the quantity of light will effect the growth of a bean from seed.

Hypothesis: I think that the bean that is in light constantly for 24 hours will grow more quickly than the bean in full sunlight and in partial sunlight. I think that it will grow faster because it has a constant source of light every day. This will allow the bean to capture light energy continuously. The light energy can then be transformed into energy use and storage for the plant. This will allow it to grow and produce leaves that will then afford the bean even greater amounts of photosynthesis and cellular respiration opportunities. Therefore, I hypothesize that the bean seed under 24 hour light, will grow the fastest.

Materials: 2L Pop Bottle


Green Bean Seeds

Potting Soil

Round Coffee Filter





Procedure: 1. Set up the pop bottle terrariums. Start with a pop bottle and slice the top off. Cut holes in the lid to allow for gas exchange. Cut holes in the base to allow the water to drain away from the soil. Place the gravel in the bottom, followed by a coffee filter. Moisten the potting soil which all came from one source and then pour it into the filter. Put your bean seed into the soil. Place the lid back on the bottle with a piece of tape. Repeat this same procedure for the other two bottles.

2. Place all terrariums in the same room to maintain constant temperature. This experiment will be conducted in



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