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The Effect Of Temperature On Enzyme Activity

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Essay Preview: The Effect Of Temperature On Enzyme Activity

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Introduction :

All chemical reactions respond to temperature . It's the same reason temperature affect enzyme reaction . Enzyme are not active on the temperature which below 0oC . Mean while , at the higher temperature , the velocity of the reaction increase because more energy are supplied to break the intramolecular attraction of the protein structure . The velocity of the reaction doubles for every 10oC rise in temperature until the temperature reach 40oC . Enzyme characterize protein , protein begin denatured when temperature increases - the protein to loose its function making it inactive to operate properly. The optimal temperature of enzyme is in the range of 35 - 40 oC and destroyed as the temperature approaches 60oC .

The enzyme used in this lab is amylase , which is commonly found in saliva and germinating seeds . It catalyzes the breakdown of starch . Different temperature of the water bath set up to incubated the temperature of amylase and starch solution . After incubation , both solution are mix together . The activity of amylase is observed by using iodine . Iodine reacts with starch to form a purple colour . As amylase break down starch , lese and less starch will be present in the mixture of amylase and starch . The purple colour (presence os starch ) of the iodine will become lighter and lighter until it become colourless .



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