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The Declaration Of Independence

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Essay Preview: The Declaration Of Independence

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"The Declaration of Independence" is a document in which the colonies in North

America under the rule of Great Britain declared themselves independent and explained

their justifications for doing so. It was an important document in U.S. history, which

leads to the independence of the United States on July 4th ,1776. We were presented with

both the draft and the final document in this essay.

The author Thomas Jefferson in this document explains the unjustified actions of

the colonial rule toward the people of America and explains their right to throw off such

government, and to be provided by a new system of government which works with the

people, not against them. The government in the colonial rule only worked for the benefit

of the capitalist and refused to give right to its people. All the laws were made without

concerning the people of the states. They imposed taxes on the people without their

consent. They restricted their trade to Great Britain and not with other countries. People

to be tried for offences were transported to Great Britain of trials.

This is a great piece of writing and I enjoyed reading the ideas provided by

Thomas Jefferson. He played an important part in the independence of the United States.




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