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Declaration Of Independence

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1) In the course of eighteen years children become adults, it is time for that group to rise up and take responsibility for themselves and others. There is no more time to have to run back to their parents, nor is there any need to, Unless their parents will not let them grow up. And with these cases I am declaring our independence from our parents. From the beginning we have been learning from our parents ever since we are born we are being taught by our parents how to operate in the world and how to live our life rightly. But after many years of being under their control it is time for the "children" to move into adulthood. If parents do not let their children grow up then they are ultimately not letting their child move on in their life. 2) It is our right to be able to have the freedom to choose and live our life's as we see fit. Because we have been guided by our parents for eighteen years, by then we should have a good sense of what's right and what's wrong. And if some do not then they will learn the hard way and have to suffer a consequence because every action has a reaction. Because with our independence we are given more responsibility and are looked at as our future for the world. Our rights from being independent are that we must know the rules of society and follow them. Also we must live by the rules that were taught to us by our parents. 3) There are many complaints that come up with us being independent, first there is the scenario that if a parent will not let there child grow up and let their child make his/her own decision, then they are causing that child to not be able to grow fully. It has been tried many times by many children who are growing up when they want to be independent from their parents and some times they are able to succeed but again some times they are held back. I have tried to make my own independence from my parents but for the last few months it has been harder than it should. every time I try,



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