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The Black Cottage

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The Black Cottage

Collins’ intention in �The Black Cottage’ is to create a feeling of suspense in the reader.

How successful is he?


Bessie (the main character) lives with her father in a secluded cottage on a moor in west England, the nearest habitation is about 1Ð'Ð... miles away. Her father goes away for the night on business, her father asks Bessie if she would like to stay at the near by farm but she declines seeing no danger in staying at home alone. Later Mr and Mrs Knifton a middle class couple drop by, they decide to leave a wallet, full of money, for Bessie to look after.

Shortly after the Knifton’s left, Bessie went upstairs to find a suitable hiding place should anyone pass by and spot the wallet, only to come back down, ironically, to spot two shifty looking men in her kitchen, which still contained the wallet. She tells them to leave but let’s slip that her father won’t be back until the next day.


Collins’ uses first person so the reader see’s from the point of view of Bessie so the feeling of helplessness is conveyed more powerfully it also helps build the suspense so that you never know what might be around the next corner or what might be sneaking up on you.

“Dreadful suspicions now beset me of their being able to accomplish by treachery what they had failed by force.”



Bessie’s character is a very loyal one, who will not flee to safety at her first suspicion of danger she



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