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The Best Movie Of The Summer

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Essay Preview: The Best Movie Of The Summer

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The Best Movie

Good luck chuck was the best movie because it has all the factors that moviegoers want. It had a

good storyline and plot, was hilarious, and had real to life characters. The movie put it together

in a way that people the age the movie was meant for would love it. Unfortunately, this movie

was rated R, but I believe that this movie was appropriate for our age group with adult

supervision. I would highly recommend this movie to my classmates.

The storyline of this movie was meant for the people who are older, but it had a good plot

at the same time. The three main characters (Chuck, Mary, and Linda) are all seniors and are

getting ready to go to college, and they want to make the best of their summer. Chuck, Mary,

and Linda would be best described as nerdy and part of the outcast. All of them grouped


and decided that their last summer before they go into college was going to be the best one yet,

and that they were going to try to fit in and somehow become recognizable.

Superbad was hilarious. The movie had many moments in the film that could cause

someone’s stomach to hurt from laughing so much. In the movie, the characters get themselves

into a large amount of unnecessary



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