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Teenage Depression

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Teenagers face constant pressures at school, along with problems at home concerning family and daily life; with so many problems faced by minors, it is understandable that a significant amount of teens will face depression at some point. Depression is defined as a state of despair and aversion to activity. It can be seen commonly in teenagers given the personal and emotional changes they endure. Depression is a serious problem that impacts every aspect of a teen's life.

Teenage years are often depressing because they include some of the biggest and most crucial changes in a teen's life. Hormones are a common trigger of depression amongst teens. Not only do hormones affect a teen's appearance, they can have devastating effects on brain chemistry, causing irrational behavior and mood swings. In teens with predisposed genetic factors, hormones will often bring up psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress. In addition to physical changes, teenagers also face the stress of school and peer pressure. Teens have to constantly worry about relationships, appearances, and grades in school. Stress from dealing with friends and working to maintain good grades can build up in teens whom, incapable of handling such pressure, become depressed. Issues at home can also cause depression. Events such as the death of a family member or a parent's divorce ignite strong emotions, which are already unstable in a teenager's life. Overall, the difficulties of teenage life, both physical and mental, have the potential to be substantially stressful and depressing.

Once teenagers have become depressed, they undergo severe shifts in behavior and attitude. Teens with even minor or moderate depression experience drastic change in daily routine. Eating and sleeping habits change; teens will often lose weight and appear physically fatigued. Adolescents suffering from depression often



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