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Teenage Pregnany

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"Teenage Pregnancy"


➢ To be aware of the consequences of teenage pregnancy

➢ To understand the risks of teenage pregnancy and identify some ways to prevent it

➢ To know the possible causes and effects of teenage pregnancy


Dealing with the responsibility of being a parent is one of the hardest tasks to take on. Becoming a parent involves emotion, compassion, dedication, strength, knowledge, protectiveness, and being able to financially support the child. Parenting also involves many other components, which sometimes come with the territory of being a parent. One of the major concerns of having a child or becoming a parent is to do so when you're old and mature enough to take on the responsibility. One of the problems in today's society is teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy is defined as a teenage or underage girl, usually within the ages of 13 -17, becoming pregnant. The term in everyday speech usually refers to women who have not reached legal adulthood, which varies across the world, who become pregnant. It is a worldwide problem that accompanies the initiation of sexual activity at increasingly younger ages.

The risk of pregnancy in teenagers is increasing largely. Many teenagers don't know how big of a responsibility it is to raise another human being when they themselves still have a lot of growing to do. Also, teenagers are more prone to risks during a pregnancy than a twenty or thirty year old woman would be. Becoming a teen parent automatically gives you a big responsibility to deal with. This means that all of your personal priorities are set aside and that your child comes first. Most teens don't even know how to take care of a child. Taking care of your own child isn't like babysitting; it is a full time job. Dealing with children involves a lot of patience, which a lot of teens don't have.

Teenage mothers do not only have to face social stigma and discrimination but also are more prone to complications related to pregnancy. Pregnant teens are at more risk for certain health problems (such as high blood pressure or anemia) than pregnant women who are older. Pregnant teens also are more likely to go into labor too early. These risks are even greater for teens that are younger than age 15 years.

As a teen, finding out that you are pregnant is a life-changing and scary event. As a parent, finding out your teen is pregnant can both shock you and cause despair.



Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a young woman passes through. The stress of pregnancy, revelation of pregnancy to parents, and moving on despite the shame and worry can be terrifying.

* Teenagers who have babies are more likely to not finish high school and have their future plans interrupted. With her education cut short, a teenage mother may lack job skills, making it hard for her to find and keep a job. A teenage mother may become financially dependent on her family or on public assistance. This leads to less income and more people in poverty.

* Children of teenage mothers get minimum health care

* In countries like India, a girl and her family are ridiculed in society

* Getting financial security and raising their children becomes difficult for teenage mothers

* Teenage pregnancy results in poor economic conditions and single parenting

* Usually teenage fathers are not ready for and deny to take responsibility of their children

* Children of teenagers are subject to abuse and neglect

* Teenage mothers have to depend on their parents for financial and emotional support


Teen pregnancies carry extra health risks to the mother and the baby The following were the possible reasons as to why teen pregnancy should be discouraged:

* Risk for malnutrition

Since teenage mothers tend to eat poorly, they are also less likely to take the recommended daily multivitamins and minerals needed to maintain adequate nutrition of their baby.

* Risk for inadequate prenatal care

Teenage mothers are less likely to seek regular prenatal care since they are likely to avoid public exposure due to social stigma and discrimination.

* Risk for fetal deaths

Babies born to teenager moms have a more likely chance of having a low birth weight and this can lead to all sorts of medical problems later in life. And if these children grow up in homes where their families have a hard time supporting them, they grow up in poverty and do not always have access to good and sometimes any healthcare. Complication would include having high blood pressure that could severely affect the mother and her baby during pregnancy and while giving birth.

* Risk for abortion

Unplanned pregnancies could lead to abortion. While illegal, abortion continues to persist further increasing a pregnant individual's risk to tetanus poisoning, adverse drug reaction and other complications related to abortion procedure.

* Risk for acquiring cancer or disease

Women who engage in sex before 18, have a pregnancy at or younger than 18, are at increased risk for acquiring different diseases or cancer.


A teenage girl may become pregnant as a result of many different situations. Nowadays, mass media is the foremost reason why teenagers are exposed early to sex. The media have strong influence on the people, especially on the youth. You can find different pornographic magazines and movies that were being sold anywhere. With these kind of materials. it makes some teenagers to be curious on some things that is not yet appropriate for them.

Another factor is the growing influence of Internet access in computers that gives



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