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Teen Pregnancy

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Essay Preview: Teen Pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy is a very severe problem that teenagers are taking less seriously each year. Even with all the new technologies for reducing the amount of pregnancies, kids today are still not using those procedures. Sadly enough, teen pregnancy is becoming more frequent thing today because of peer pressures and carelessness with drinking and drugs.

With teenage girls it is becoming more common thought that they have to have sex with their boyfriends to show them that they “love” them. When young teens are together for a few months sex is a regular thought that runs through every couple’s head. They wonder how they can show their true love for their boyfriendgirlfriend. In some cases it’s the boy being pressured into sex, but in most cases it is the girl in the relationship feeling vulnerable to sex. Most girls at young ages are not on birth control because they are too scared to ask their parents or a doctor to get on the pill. Therefore, their last hope of protection is a condom. Using condoms does help, but there is still always the chance for it to break. This can cause a girl to get pregnant. Being young parents is a hard responsibility that is looked at as easy task to those who don’t know about babies first hand.

However, the pressure of having a steady boyfriend isn’t the only peer pressure for girls to have sex. When teenagers enter high school they look up to the older crowds for what is cool. Going to parties, drinking, and doing drugs are some of the few common things that are what kids do for fun on the weekends. Some teenagers don’t even like it, but do those things anyway to fit in with the cool crowds in school. By making these choices it impairs their senses and thoughts, which can make them make decisions that they wouldn’t make if they were single. Girls under the influence are easily taken advantage of and are probably aren’t thinking about using protection. Many girls become pregnant after nights like those and sometimes don’t even remember who the father of the child is. Therefore, girls who make decisions to use alcohol and drugs they are putting their selves in a position to become pregnant to just be in with in crowd.

When teens enter



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