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Teen Pregnancy

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Essay Preview: Teen Pregnancy

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Rounette Brown

September 9, 2006

Class Hour: 12:25

Teen Pregnancy


What would you do if you became pregnant as a teen, or for the guys, became a father as a teen? Would it complicate your life? Do you think that you could handle it? Teens are having sex without protection which causes many problems for them. Such as, health risks for the teen and health risks for the baby.

I. Teen's are risking their health, when they have unprotected sex.

A. They risk the change of getting disease.

1. Risk of getting HIV.

2. Risk of getting Genital Herpes.

3. Risk of getting Gonorrhea

B .Teens is risking their future, when they have unprotected sex.

1. Life often is difficult for a teenage mother and her child

2. Unintended pregnancy

II Teen's mother is more likely to give birth prematurely.

.A Teen's birth created health risk for their baby

1. Low birth weight.

2. Birth prematurely

B How teen mother health affects their babies.

1. Lack of prenatal care.



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