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Teen Pregnancy Vs. Adult Pregnancy

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Essay Preview: Teen Pregnancy Vs. Adult Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy vs. Adult Pregnancy

Adolescent years are the most important years of your life. To have a baby during adolescence is a very difficult thing. Pregnancy can change a life. Waiting to get pregnant until adulthood is a good idea. Once you get pregnant at a young age, you are faced with many difficult situations. A pregnant teen may encounter many problems, such as loss of freedom, financial problems, schooling and career issues. Practicing abstinence, having safe sex and putting off having a baby until adulthood and being married is an intelligent plan.

Losing your freedom during adolescence is tough to deal with. Many teenagers become upset if they are grounded for a week. Think of never being able to go out every weekend with your friends to do what you want. Having a baby during adolescence prevents you from being able to do what you want. Once the baby arrives, you lose all your freedom and now have the responsibility of this baby. Waiting until you are an adult and being in a marriage, you have a partner to help take care of the baby, which gives you a little more freedom and alone time.

Being a pregnant teen, you may not have the finances to cover the needs of the baby. It is a very difficult to be young and try to maintain a stable job. To have a baby is very expensive. There are many factors that you don't even think of. For example there are medical bills, diapers, clothing and food. If you wait to get pregnant until you are an adult and are financially stable, you are more likely to be less stressed than being pregnant at a young age.

School is a very important part of your life. To be a pregnant teen and try to continue your education and get good grades is a very difficult task. Not only do you have to stay up studying to maintain good grades, you would also have a baby to take care of and be up with at all hours of the night. It is necessary to have



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