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Technology has been rapidly changing as the years go on and it has been affecting

people's lives whether it may have been for the better or for the worse. I did an

experiment involving my family where to see how much technology has affected there

lives. By looking at the data I was surprised on how much that was and I could tell

technology plays a big part in there lives as well as my own.

The data I collected shows that each person uses at least 4 hours of technology a

day. It may sound not that much but these results are not included time spent at work but

when they come home. My dad spends 22 hours using technology whether it may be the

T.V., radio, phone etc. My mom uses 34 hours of technology, my brother uses 38 hours

and I use 41.5 hours of technology weekly. In looking at these results, I see that the

younger you are, the more you spend using technology. When looking at each individual

person, I found a trend and that is that the T.V. is the most popular and that is probably

due to the fact that we have 4 of them in our house. Sometimes we have 3 TV's on at the

same time, my mom and dad using one, my brother and I using 2 more. This data shows

that we are isolated from one another because of all the TV's we have around the house.

It's bad enough that we are isolated from one another when everyone is not at home

because of school and work, but when we come home we are doing our own things such

as playing video games,



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