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In Jurassic Park the key theme that Crichton is trying to present is that people should not solely depend on technology to make their lives easier. He expresses this point because he believes in the chaos theory (what ever can go wrong will go wrong). He uses this theory in Jurassic Park to show what would happen to society if technology were to fail. No one exactly knows but, everyone knows it will not have a good effect on our society as a whole. Crichton uses Jurassic Park to help answer the question of what would happen to society if technology fails.

Crichton uses Jurassic Park as a model, to show how the loss of technology would affect the world. The reason that Crichton asks this question is because in 1990, when Jurassic Park was written, was about the time that people were becoming highly interested in computerizing. Crichton noticed this increasing demand for technology, and wrote this book as theory of how the world will be affected by the loss of computers. He warns that our dependency on computers will end us.

How Crichton warns society is by using the Chaos Theory. The Chaos Theory is important in Jurassic Park. In the story Malcolm predicts that tragedy will befall the park, do to the laws that govern the chaos theory. He predicts when events will get worse, in crucial parts of the story. Reading the book a person could see how the chaos theory is a valid theory and how it can and will eventually affect society. The way that Crichton uses the chaos theory in Jurassic Park creates an accurate example of how the loss of computerization would affect the world.

If it were possible at this time to be able to create dinosaurs. The world still, would not be ready for a development like Jurassic Park. Once the ego of man can be controlled it then might be safe to create a park that would hold dinosaurs. But it still is not possible to create dinosaurs from the DNA of other animals. Maybe by that time the ego of man will be controllable.




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