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The article "Solving the top 5 IT problems" (2005) describes different problems found in the IT world. One of these problems is the reduction of IT costs. Reducing IT cost has been a challenge for IT leaders. It clear today that IT has a major impact on the flow of the information in businesses. IT also allows businesses to increase reliability, security, and efficiency. IT infrastructures are expensive with today's economy and sometimes businesses can not go without it. Therefore getting the same results with less staff or IT equipment is not an easy task. To face this issues many business have used the option of outsourcing. Outsourcing today, allowed many organizations to tremendously cut in costs. Another way to cut costs, and what actually should be the first step would be to perform periodical analysis of the IT infrastructures and define what is the current systems is actually needed and what is not, also what is not being used efficiently. Many organizations have collection different platforms sometimes providing the same outcome. Sticking with on best reliable, secure and necessary platform should be enough for businesses to run

IT can help resolve many businesses issues by providing systems that would staff with fast and efficient communication with customers and suppliers. The internet today allows a broad range of collaboration whether internally or externally. It is up to IT leaders to find the best and cheapest way to take advantage of the improvements of technology.


Information Technology has many impacts on business management. IT has improved the flow of information between businesses and their suppliers, customers and employees. It also has improved the processes of inventory management and manufacturing. In other words IT has had an impact on every aspect of a business. Among the wide range of areas of improvement created by



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