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In two decades, Vodafone became the telecommunications leader in Global Systems for Mobile networks ( Vodafone provides innovative and cutting edge telecommunications services on the largest wireless network on earth. In this article, I will discuss how Vodafone was started and the growth of one of the world's largest company.

Vodafone was formed in 1983 as a joint venture between Rascal Electronics (a UK electronic firm) and Millicom (a US telecom company), and was granted one of two mobile phone licenses in the UK ( That became the UK's first mobile license. The name Vodafone came from the firm's goal to establish a voice and data services over cellular telecommunication networks. In which, the VO is represents voice and the DA symbolizes data, hence Vodafone ( In 1985, Vodafone launched its service but as a Rascal subsidiary (

October of 1987, Vodafone launched Vodapage. Which, is a paging network covering over 80% of the country ( In 1988, Rascal offered 20% of Vodafone to the public and would become Vodafone Group ( The beginning of the 1990s, Vodafone moves beyond the UK. In 1990, Vodafone customer base reaches 500,000 ( In October of 1992, Vodafone begins Commercial services. Vodafone was the first Portuguese company to offer a Customer Care Service available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week ( Also, in 1992 Vodafone was named Company of the Year at Business Enterprise Awards (

By 1993, Vodafone's international reach extends, with licenses and partnerships in Germany, South Africa, Fiji, Australia, and Greece ( Vodafone started networks for mobile phones in these other countries. Their strategy was to acquire competitors in order to knock out competition and become more competitive than its rivals ( March of 1994, Vodafone joins up with the Globalstar consortium to develop and launch low orbit satellite capability to supplement land-network coverage ( Also, in November of the same year Vodafone launches digital data fax and SMS (Short text messaging) service (

In 1995, Vodafone kept expanding in the Netherlands, Uganda, Hong Kong, and France ( November 1997, Vodafone launch of their digital 'Pay As You Talk' pre-paid service for their frequent users ( In 1998, Vodafone is the first Portuguese mobile operator offering and introducing mobile phone in the market offering both bounds, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz ( Vodafone reaches service revenues of 0.5 EUR billion (

In 1999, Vodafone becomes both Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a content provider in Portugal ( Vodafone made two of the most landmark acquisitions that were those of D2 (Mannesmann; Germany) and Airtouch (US) ( D2 was one of the leading telecommunications providers in Germany. The Mannesmann takeover was hostile, and the first of it's kind in Europe; this was the largest "unwanted" acquisition of it's time ( The transaction was valued at $180 billion dollars ( The second acquisition was that of Airtouch communications in the United States ( Which now is called Vodafone Group Plc; this gave Vodafone its entry into US market and the ability to consolidate minority interest in European carriers ( The transaction was worth $60 billion dollars (

In May 2000, Vodafone launches Verizon Wireless ( Vodafone and Bell Atlantic combined their US wireless assets to make up Verizon Wireless ( Vodafone launches YORN (Young Original Network), first global and integrated communications network, a brand new concept of content initiatives, events and offerings for the younger generation (

To further their strategy in 2001, Vodafone completed a deal to acquire Ericell in Ireland, which is now Vodafone Ireland ( Then, Vodafone signed a strategic alliance agreement with China Mobile based out of Hong Kong ( Vodafone unleashed the first global communication campaign in August of 2001. The campaign features TV, cinema, print, online and outdoor media (

In 2002, Vodafone gave trial of their global mobile payment system in the UK, Italy, and Germany. The trial enables customers to purchase physical and digital goods using their mobile phone ( In October 2002, Vodafone announced the launch of "Vodafone live!" a fully innovative concept in the integration of services and content in mobile



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