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Technology And Starbucks

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Technology and Starbucks

Starbucks uses technology in many ways, they use Information Technology, Wi-Fi, and all their business is done both internally and externally. A big part of being a great leader for a Starbucks is the employees ability to recognize when they need the right tools to do their jobs correctly and efficiently. Technology has allowed Starbucks to plan, lead, control, organize employees, costs, and supply link. Starbucks has utilized technology to its fullest potential. Starbucks has accomplished this in two ways, strategic and operational plans. Planning is used in the hiring, an opening of a new store, and even in the creation of new organizations. Technology is what makes Starbucks thrive in a very large competitive world. Starbucks uses the internet to advertise when they are in need of new managers and employees.

Analysis for Starbucks

SWOT performed an analysis of the internal environment of Starbucks beside their external environment and the results showed how management is succeeding in meeting their goals. The analysis showed Starbucks strengths, these were included

Starbucks has a high number of stores both nationally and world-wide.

Starbucks has a very strong image for their brands

The are very good at clustering the stores

Starbucks are free of debt.

Starbucks are ahead of technology and they continually keep up with current trends

When looking at this report it tells a story of just how well Starbucks is doing and how it will look in the near future. Starbucks has a very strong establishment that is doing well, both internationally and globally.





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