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First of all, I think that we need to define technology. My definition, as well as the definition that I will use to determine whether something is technology, is any device that makes life easier for the people who possess and use it. One of the most obvious ways is that now it is a lot easier to access knowledge. You can research any topic and access statistics and primary documents. You have got the world at your fingertips. Another example of technology that helps most people is the calculator. I cannot even imagine trying to do Calculus homework without its help. With the aid of the calculator, you need not look up or calculate by hand values such as logarithm, sine or cosine?it is just beyond me how they did complicated math like that before everyone had calculators.

Another advantage is that, if you have Internet access at home, you have access to seemingly endless information twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week; anytime you want to learn something about any theme, you can. Even devices such as overhead projectors and loudspeakers make access to knowledge easier. Also, as technology progresses, computers get more affordable (cheaper and easier to use), along with other learning tools, thus they become available to more people. There is also more information. Examples include movies, photos, audio devices and other entertainment that was not available before. There is also more scientific equipment that allows us to collect more information about the world such as the transition electron microscope, which allows us to examine the inside of cells, and the technology that allows us to carbon date fossils and such.

Good examples of how technology affects us but in a positive way are the computer programs. I, personally, have seen my brother greatly benefit from these programs. He also loves to watch movies and television programs that show Barney and Thomas the Train solving the math problem or inserting the missing letter into words. He plays those games and watches those programs for hours on end. I way I know these effects through perception and emotion. I perceive the way that my brother has benefited from using technology; he is learning without knowing it and while having fun. I am pleased that I have access to computers and other technological devices that have helped me through school and through life. For instance, instead of being affected I?m beneficed of the technological chances in our life time, a good example of this is this class



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