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In Tech We Trust: The Story Of Sap In Canada

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Essay Preview: In Tech We Trust: The Story Of Sap In Canada

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1. What sort of businesses should invest in SAPÐŽ¦s ERP applications?

Businesses who need solutions, such as client/server enterprise application software modules, engaged in CRM, Retail and Manufacturing, and Mobile Business.

Should a company adopt all of the SAP modules?

No, companies can buy entire ERP packages for their particular industry, such as SAP Retail, SAP Mining, or SAP Banking, or they can buy individual modules, such as human resources or financial applications.

How does a company decide that it needs an ERP solution?

A company that want to focus on their best practices, since ERP was not about technology, it wasnÐŽ¦t even about information systems. It was really about building a company that could leverage best practices, about business processes.

2. What specific change management actions might a company adopting SAP take to ensure implementation success?

Complicating matters was the reluctance by many people on the business side to embrace SAP. The company will have to work on the cultural piece, the education piece, and then the technical piece of it. Recalled MacDonald, ÐŽ§Once providing resources to support the implementation became part of line managementÐŽ¦s job expectations and was clearly embedded in their performance requirements, we started to see a lot of progressÐŽK. We had to dedicate resources to making this successful.ЎЁ

3. Why does SAP consider it necessary for SAP-certified programmers and consultants to work with companies implementing SAP?

Because SAP software implements ÐŽ§best practicesЎЁ of companies it has studied, including its customers. Any organization that implements SAP must change its business processes to reflect those found in the way SAPÐŽ¦s applications operate. Failure to do so is asking for implementation failure.

4. It has been said that SAP is a change management program or philosophy. Do you agree



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