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Teche Regional Hospital

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Teche Regional Medical Center is a 149-bed hospital that provides a broad range of healthcare services important to families. These services include: a 24-Hour Emergency Department, Surgical & Ambulatory Care Services, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Cardiopulmonary, EKG, and Echocardiography, Endoscopy, Full Service Lab, General Surgery, Home Health, Inpatient Behavioral Health, Women's Services, Medical / Surgical ICU, Occupational, & Speech Therapy, Pharmacy, Physician Offices: Dr. Talip - Internal Medicine, Dr. Torres - Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation Services include inpatient and outpatient Physical Therapy, X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Densitometry, Mammography, and Ultrasound. Our medical staff consists of general vascular, thoracic surgeons, obstetrics/gynecologists, cardiologists, pediatricians, internal medicine, family practitioners, general practitioners, otolaryngologists (ENT), urologists, orthopaedics, radiologists, pathologists, psychiatrists, emergency medicine physicians, and anesthesiologists. Your expectations are taken very seriously at Teche Regional Medical Center. Teche's goal is to have a patient satisfaction-rating of 99 percent.

Our Mission

To efficiently provide very good care

Exceeding the expectations of our patients, employees, &

Community by being on the forefront of

Healthcare delivery, which

Enhances hospital relationship that provide growth and opportunity

Our Vision

To be the hospital with the most satisfied patients, employees, and physicians.

Ambulatory Service

When surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis, Teche combines all of the safety and security of our inpatient surgical unit with the convenience and comfort of at-home recovery. Ambulatory Surgery offers a comfortable environment for Pre and Post Op procedures.

Cardiopulmonary Services

This is a full service department providing services to all patients while in the hospital as well as on an outpatient basis. The Cardiopulmonary Department offers services to the critically ill patient as well as routine surgical and medical patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. Patients receiving respiratory care are usually treated in their rooms with the exception of the diagnostics that are performed in the Stress Lab.

The following services are routinely offered by the Cardiopulmonary Department: Adult/Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Oxygen Delivery, Aerosol Deliver, Intermittent Positive Breathing Treatments, Incentive Spirometry, Broncholpulmonary Segmental Drainage, Emergency Resuscitation, and Mechanical Ventilation in addition to other services. Cardiac Diagnostic Services includes EKG, EEG and arterial blood gas analysis.

Cardiovascular Services

This is a multifaceted department offering diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for vascular problems. The Cardiovascular Services Department features our Cardiac Catheterization Lab. Some procedures that can be done in the Lab are: Right and left heart catheterization, Periperal Angiograms and Angioplasty. CVS provides education and information to assist patients and their families with cardiovascular disease to make healthy choices regarding their lifestyle and risk factors. The program consists of personalized nutrition programs, exercise activity programs, educational programs on risk factors, treatment programs, and medication information.

Diagnostic Imaging Services

This department provides a range of diagnostic and testing procedures done both on an inpatient and an outpatient basis. Included are General Radiology, CT Scan, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, and Ultrasound. Recently, Teche held a groundbreaking ceremony for a 2,816 sq. ft. expansion project to add a $3.8 million MRI/CT Suite that will house advanced technology. This will allow coverage to be provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The high quality images that it is able to produce and the patient convenience will enable our physicians to better care for their patients.

Emergency Room Services

If a medical emergency brings you or a loved one to Teche Regional Medical Center, then your will be assured that our Emergency Department combines the latest technology with a highly skilled medical and nursing staff.

The Pro-MEDÐ'® Clinical Information System that is currently being used by Teche Regional greatly increases the speed and efficiency of assigning emergency treatment priorities, increases the speed and accuracy of tracking and documenting patient information, provides a multilingual teaching and training program, allows for continuous performance improvement, and serves as a complete data management tool.

Home Health Care Services

Under Medicare guidelines, patients must be homebound and require skilled nursing care, physical therapy or speech therapy on an intermittent basis in their homes. Homebound status is defined as a patient who is confined to a place of residency due to illness, injury or surgery.

Home Health care is more economical than institutional care, but its benefits and advantages go beyond finances.Home health care allows the patient to return to familiar



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