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Tahanan Ng Panginoon - Volunteer’s View

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Essay Preview: Tahanan Ng Panginoon - Volunteer’s View

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Erron Pagdanganan

Leveric T. Ng

MGT 500

18 January 2017

Reaction Paper: Tahanan ng Panginoon

        My reaction paper will mostly talk about the section called From a Volunteer’s View. This is because when reading the whole chapter, this is the only part where I had some reaction. In this section of the case, it talks about a certain businessman, Lauro Fuentes, who lives an affluent life in the Philippines and has never considered himself poor, so that alone separates him from the split social classes here in the Philippines. At first I thought of the guy as a person who only cared about himself and not others specifically the poor, because he states that the split in social class in the Philippines doesn’t bother him and he doesn’t let it get into his heart. When I read that I was like, “hmm… this guy seems a bit too selfish just because he lives the good life, whilst other Filipinos don’t,” I may have understood this wrong but that is what went through my head when reading it. But as I read on, he was approached by a colleague and asked whether or not he would like to join him to join the Brotherhood of Christian Businessman and Professionals (BCBP), and as a friend he joined his colleague. During his time with the group he realized that there was a whole new way of living that he didn’t know about, a desire to do something for others, this realization is what prompt him to join Tahanan. So my reaction to this was that, even though a person is already living an affluent life, he/she can do so much more to contribute to society, by opening his door to his colleagues invite to join the Brotherhood, he was able to discover a new way of living, a way of giving back to others. This was probably the most interesting part because you get to see how a volunteer basically transformed to a person not caring about others to a new human being having the desire to give back. I guess the main lesson is to open your doors and be open minded.



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